Cathy is Proud to be Endorsed by:


“Cathy Albro will spend tax dollars carefully. She is concerned about people. She will respond to the residents of her district, a welcome change from the incumbent. I support Cathy Albro for Congress.”
Arend D. Lubbers, President Emeritus of GVSU

“This may seem strange coming from a conservative Republican: I think that if we were to elect you to represent the 3rd Congressional District, I believe you would work respectfully with other members of the House of Representatives, and we’d be better represented than we are right now by our incumbent Congressman Justin Amash.

In a busy campaign, it was gracious of you to meet with me for over an hour. We discussed a wide range of issues. We disagreed on many of them. The key is, though, you were respectful; we both were able to speak and listen calmly, and I think we each walked away with mutual respect and greater understanding. Given more time, I believe we might have found some middle ground.

Isn’t that what we need in Congress right now?

I know that my party worries about retaining our majority in the House of Representatives. But isn’t quality better than quantity?”

Robert Van Lente, Republican

“Climate for Tomorrow makes the following endorsement of Cathy Albro for Congress for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District: ALBRO RESPONDS, AMASH SILENT ON CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUE by Jim Lax The distinction between Democratic and Republican candidates in the Michigan 3rd Congressional District race could not be clearer when it comes to climate change. The contest pits Democratic candidate Cathy Albro against incumbent Republican Justin Amash. Albro and Amash were interviewed online on the issue of climate change. “I agree that climate change is a threat to national security and is at a crisis level” said Albro. “We have evidence of record-breaking heat, drought and other natural disasters as proof. Species are becoming extinct or threatened at an unprecedented rate. Growing zones are changing at a rapid pace. Wars begin when resources become scarce; that’s why the Pentagon considers climate change such a threat.” “We are not doing nearly enough to mitigate climate change. We should rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and work with other nations to resolve this world-wide problem. We must end our financial support for fossil fuels and deliberately expand our investments in renewable energy research and development.” “As we are already experiencing with natural and manmade disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, and toxic land and water, we can either pay now or pay a lot more later in reconstruction, repair or lawsuits. We need to see beyond the perceived cost to the hidden costs: people are losing their lives and quality of life for many has been diminished because of climate change. When looking at preventative measures, I calculate the full long-term cost of pollution and fossil fuel emissions. I’m in it for the long-haul, for our future generations – not for short-term business gain.” Albro’s website provides further elaboration. “Climate change is real and we must work diligently to bring our carbon emissions under control. We are experiencing the effects of severe weather events which include drought, flooding, hurricanes, wild fires, and extreme heat and cold. People with the fewest resources are already paying a higher cost of the burden. This will only get worse.” “Instead of making the critical progress needed to sustain a livable world, many of our current decision-makers in the federal government are slowing down the switch to clean energy or reversing the progress already made.” “Science must be supported. Scientists who work with integrity and transparency should be taken seriously.” The science of climate change is being taken seriously by the U.S. Department of Defense, which calls climate change “a threat to national security”. No response was provided by Amash’s Congressional office. The office has not responded to any inquiries regarding climate change by this author for more than a year and a half. Amash’s public responses on the subject are minimal, ranging from “the data set is very small” to “a strong and prosperous economy is what helps keep the environment clean.” Amash receives contributions from the Cato Institute, an organization that has published material denying climate change. Amash has never come out as a climate change denier, but his words, his refusal to take a stand, and his association with the Cato Institute point in that direction. Climate change is a monumentally critical issue affecting us now as well as future generations. That is why Climate for Tomorrow endorses Cathy Albro for Congress. More information available at www.climatefortomorrow.com”

Jim Lax, Founder, Climate for Tomorrow

“It’s always a pleasure working with volunteers who are accountable and do “what they say” they’ll do. That was my experience working with Cathy Albro as we founded the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Her early support was greatly appreciated. My kids also attended her Creative Learning Center when they were pre-schoolers. Cathy had great vision at an early stage in the “educational daycare” movement. I’m not living in Grand Rapids anymore, but if I was she’d be my pick for Congress in the 3rd District! Good luck Cathy!!”

Georgia Geitzen, CoFounder
Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

“As someone who has been deeply involved in the 3rd District community for over 40 years, I understand the need for our representative in Congress to be a strong voice that stands up for the well being of its people. Cathy Albro is that person!

I’ve known Cathy since 1978, when she arrived to teach in East Grand Rapids. I recognized her passion for children and their learning from that very first day. Over the years as she pursued other endeavors of entrepreneurship and working with teachers around the country, her ability to lead was clearly evident. I recall in the 1990’s she successfully ran her her own large child care center, two other corporate on-site centers and her store, while traveling to work with a school each month—all this while being a mom and wife. That takes energy, critical thinking and leadership: all skills necessary to be a successful 3rd District Congresswoman.

I proudly endorse Cathy Albro for Congress and encourage you to join her movement campaign!”

Bert Bleke, Former Superintendent
Lowell Public Schools and Grand Rapids Public Schools

“A friend had encouraged me to check out Creative Learning Center as a potential preschool for my first and only child. I did. Little Alex thrived in the warm, nurturing, stimulating but calm, and wisely managed environment created by Cathy and her excellent staff. My intermittent encounters with her over the years – a renewable energy seminary, a peace march in DC, most recently a climate seminar at Calvin, and others – have only reinforced my admiration and confidence in Cathy’s intelligence, commitment to task, standards of excellence, perceptiveness and ability to listen, really listen, to others. I am convinced that, given the opportunity, she will be an excellent Representative for her constituents.”

Shirley Kallio

“So proud of my friend and High/Scope Teacher Trainer, ECE Educator, business owner, entrepreneur and future member of US Congress (from Michigan) Cathy Albro!! I can vouch for her understanding of social issues and leadership ability. PLEASE support her in November; you won’t be sorry.”

Warren Buckleitner, Educator

“I am endorsing Cathy Albro as our next congressperson. I first met Cathy at a Cosecha meeting. Both of us showing up to be allies of the immigrant movement for dignity, respect and permanent protection. I talked with her about many other issues I care about .. life long education, because markets and careers change, and people want to start businesses. That mental health/rehabilitation funding could save people’s lives from being wasted with drug deaths and imprisonment, which punishes families too. That people need a living wage so they don’t have to have food stamps, and that we must separate business and medical care for labor practices to improve. I spoke with her about income inequality in the face of a dire affordable housing shortage in our area. In my work with Homes for All, I have seen Cathy since showing up at city hall and Linc Up to hear residents concerns about housing and justice issues. In a day’s notice, she drove from Middleville to attend a town hall on housing that was hosted by Winnie Brinks. She shows up and learns up. She is about building relationships with all kinds of people, and her diverse teaching background shows proficiency in that regard. She is about her intentions rather than her ego. I don’t see much of Justin Amash in any of the circles I travel in and I don’t see him protecting the economic, environmental and community interests of his constituents. I think Cathy is passionate about being a problem solver and understands the urgency of our political situation at present. I understand she is also the eldest of 8 kids. I’m pretty sure she will stick up for all of us and the integrity of this nation. She will have my vote in the August primary.”

Martha Cooper, Activist/Artist

“I agree with Ms. Albro’s views and stances on current issues facing the people of the Third Congressional District and the rest of our great state of Michigan. I have been following Mr. Amash and his recent votes on issues, and found that he often does not represent my and others’ needs for critical issues facing Michigan. Ms. Albro has my support this November 2018.”

Kathryn Parker, Retired RN

“Cathy Albro represents everything we need relative to leadership, ideas, and character. She will provide diplomacy and civility while working to solve the problems of West Michigan and our country!”

Roger Durham, Professor
Aquinas College

“Cathy Albro represents family values, inclusiveness, and integrity. We need more woman like her in the U.S. Congress. GO GO Albro!”

Christopher Nagy

“Cathy Albro is a person of deep integrity who, I believe, will work diligently to address crucial issues such as education, health-care and the environment. Cathy has the inner resources as well as personal and professional experience to effectively represent the residents of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional district and to be a voice for the issues that matter to so many of us. I whole-heartedly endorse Cathy Albro for United States Congress.”

Sara Parks-Pittman, LLMSW

“I believe in what she stands for.”

Bonnie Doyle

“I’ve know Cathy for many years and am so happy to see she is running. I would put a yard sign out and help in any other way I can.”

Delores White, Retired

“When Amash failed to stand up to Trump when he had a chance I said I would do everything I can to unseat him. He’s anti choice for women. That’s enough for me. Besides I want to see as many women in DC as possible.”

Donna Fras

“Cathy will speak out when needed. She will represent the people and put country and democracy first. Not politics and special interest like Justin.”

Steve Kempker

“I know her as a supporter of Parenting for Peace, a group that I helped found and led for several years. My partner knows her through their commonality as teachers of young children. We both see her as a person of commitment and integrity.”


Grand Rapids and the district surrounding it have a long history of practical, people-oriented Representatives in Congress. People like Jerry Ford, Richard VanderVeen, Paul Henry, and Vern Ehlers saw that sound, pragmatic government could make a positive difference in our community, and worked with both their allies and their adversaries to help that happen.

We’ve had a break from that tradition with the current ideologue occupying that seat, one who ignores both Democratic and mainstream Republican viewpoints for his own abstract Libertarian dogma, someone who’d rather win an argument (in his own mind) than win someone’s appreciation and trust.

Cathy Albro isn’t like that. She listens. She learns. She lends a hand. She would be a return to good government and representation in Washington for the people of West Michigan.

Todd VerBeek

Beyond a doubt, Cathy Albro is the most qualified person running for the office of the United States Congress. As a former teacher and businesswoman, she’s done it all. Cathy exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Her honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our district’s problems and needs, along with her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidates.

Cathy will work tirelessly to ensure our fundamental right to Universal Health Care, quality education, clean water and a vibrant inclusive economy. And so, I am writing today to express my support for her campaign and my intention to vote for Cathy Albro in the upcoming primary.

Kathy Fitzpatrick

A key part of building a stronger, stable future for our country is the education of our young people. I am happy to endorse Cathy because she has a wide range of experiences in leadership positions in her career in education. Couple her experience with her concern for the well-being of others and I believe we have a candidate who is uniquely qualified to help build a brighter future for all of us. I wholeheartedly endorse Cathy to serve as Michigan’s Third Congressional District’s next member of the House of Representatives. When I sit down and complete my absentee ballot this evening, I will be filling in the oval behind Cathy’s name.

Mark Luxford

“I have known Cathy since she and I were in high school. She is very smart, creative, and thoughtful, has lots of entrepreneurial spirit, and and has a huge upside as a potential member or Congress. It would be very hard to do better than Cathy.”

Patrick Garver

“Cathy is fighting for the values that must be salvaged and saved that have made our democracy work for the betterment of all our deserving citizens whether they are disadvantaged in some way and needing equal opportunities or the ones helping others achieve their dreams.”

Judy Gyurnek

“I have known Cathy for years, and she would do a good job in representing us.

She used to have a wonderful child care center and later a toy store between Bill and Paul’s sport shop and Groskopf’s on East Paris. She was also on our Great Speakers Committee at Fountain Street Church, and is a very capable person.

Go and talk with her. Tell her what your issues are.

She is the ‘Leader Who Listens’!”

Celia Said

“Many people have asked me who I’m voting for on August 7, so here it goes! Cathy Albro has my vote because she has decades of experience as an educator and small-business owner. She has proven that she can work with all people, is a creative problem-solver and an excellent listener and collaborator. Personally, I know her to be an empathic, kind, intelligent, and thoughtful leader. I truly believe she can beat Amash and truly believe she would represent us well. She’s got the goods!”

Michele Lussky

“I’m extremely impressed with the very positive and thorough way you’ve been running your campaign. I compliment you on your excellent policies and your connection with people in your district. You have ‘a heart!’
You have worked very hard and you definitely have the support of my husband and me. Best of luck as you approach the final days before the primary election!”
Bev and Dave Kagan

“I just wanted to let you know that I attended The Creative Learning Center as a child and am so excited to vote for you in August! Thank you for running! My parents are equally thrilled and I am letting everyone I know that they should vote for you. You helped shape who I am today and I wish there was a center like The Creative Learning Center for me to send my son to now!”

Danielle Guinsler

“Hi Cathy! I noticed your name on my local primary sample ballot and wondered if you might be my 1st grade teacher. After reading your profile online I see that you did teach in Marlette and were my teacher! My name was Robin Cooper back then. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! You brought fun to the classroom and were such a kind and caring person. I never forgot that. You really helped me feel valued and were a wonderful female role model for me as a little girl. As soon as I saw your picture and smile it brought me right back to 1st grade. 🙂 It really makes me happy to see all that you have continued to do for children and their education. I read through your political platform and you will definitely have my vote.”

Robin Bergman

“AMASH has had his chance. See where our environment has gone, not towards healthier! Let’s put our backs into it and move our chances of change in the right direction.”

Sarah Dorn

“We need someone who supports local and surrounding community growth as well as holding organizations public and private accountable for how their decisions ripple negatively through our communities.”

Leroy Evans

“She represents my values.”

Kathy Log Kohmescher

“Cathy is a community leader. She is an educator and business owner that understands the needs of the district.”

Alan Swank, Associate Professor of Management

“She is the closest candidate to my beliefs.”

Barbara Bennett

“Cathy (Mrs. Albro to me) was my first grade teacher and has had a significant positive impact on my life. I bet she’d make a terrific congresswoman!”

Mike Herrick, SVP Product and Engineering

Logan Priami, Full-time Student

Carole Nugent

Katelyn Hanley Semelbauer, Associate Director of Annual Giving

“Shares my values!”

Mike Schwenneker, Real Estate Broker

Sara Fazio, Attorney

“I’ve met Cathy several times, in different contexts. She’s engaging, honest and sincere. I believe she’ll be an excellent representative for all of us, not just those with deep pockets.”

David Crandall

“We need a liberal representing the Third District for a change!”

Lee Hegstrand

Elizabeth Chamberlain, Adjunct Assistant Professor/Doctoral Candidate

Eva Sitek

Glenn Weaver, Professor of Psychology Emeritus

“Cathy Albro is the real deal, not a special-interest prop. We need honest, ethical representation in Congress YESTERDAY!”

Heidi DeYoung, PR Coordinator, Instructional Coordinator/Teacher

“Cathy reflects my views while Amash represents none of them. We need to break the Republican hold on this district.”

Katie Boggs, Web Designer

“We need a progressive representative who works for the people, making life better for Michigan with healthcare for everyone, greater educational opportunities for all Michiganders, and a leader who will stand up against the inequality in our economy.”

Jared Duquette, Business Intelligence Analyst

“I am a decorated Vietnam war veteran. I support you Cathy Albro. Rep. Justin Amash needs to be replaced ASAP!”

George J. Thomas, Retired Corrections Officer and Decorated Vietnam Veteran

“Cathy’s visibility throughout the community during the primary and now the general has been impressive. She is connecting with the breath of our diverse community and her voice of support for education and early childhood is refreshing for a Congressional candidate.”

Carol Paine-McGovern, Executive Director

Homer Schrader, Doctor

“Cathy seems to understand the role of representative of the people in her district. I don’t expect to be agreed with all the time, but I do expect my representative to know what the majority of the constituents feel about important issues and vote accordingly. Our current “representative” has made it clear, through the many town halls I’ve attended, that he is representing his narrow ideology instead of his constituents. Like Cathy, I am an educator and feel that we have a great deal of work to do to produce quality education to all our citizens. I worked in a high poverty district, 6 miles from a wealthy district, and know the inequities that are present in our current system. Like Cathy, I believe that we should strive for excellent public schools for all instead of diluting our efforts with private and unproven charter schools. Our education system in Michigan is in dire need of a hard look and practical, doable solutions. Teachers need to be an integral part of the solution – we need to be at the table.”

Marcia DeVos, Retired High School Teacher

“She is the real thing. She is running because she cares and wants to make a difference.”

Linda Fitzgerald, Retired Teacher

Teresita Long

“Healthcare for all equity in education a clean environment”

Dan Hunsberger, Retired Educator

“A representative that advocates the interests of the majority of the district, not just the top 1%.”

Timothy Milton, Sales

“Cathy is a west Michigan women who shares my values; protecting our environment, improving education, providing health care coverage, and supports equality. We need more good people like her in Washington.”

Jennifer LaClair

Sharon Curcuru, Retired

Bruce Punches

Max Gay, Retired Carpenter

“We need more women In Congress.”

Ryan Bright, Designer

Cabrielle Rudisill

“We need Cathy in Congress to show the heart of West Michigan for the first time in years. She has served us for thirty years and lived thru personal losses inflicted by stunning abuse by unregulated business. This Congress needs to find its soul again.”

Bert Dugan, MD

“I agree with Cathy on the issues before this country — health care, immgration, taxes, environment. I feel Justin Amash is ineffective and out of touch. ”

Kathleen Wilson

Michael Hirsch

“We need change.”

Dan Matthies, Chair of Legislation, Political Action & Retirment Michigan State Employee

“She’ll take better care of GR than Amash by a mile! He is too conflicted with special interest money. ”

Dan McClintic

“During the past 40 years, I have observed Cathy to support values that strengthen our community but equally important is that she is focused on the well being of individuals, from children to seniors. I will confidently vote for her knowing that she work hard to restore civility and a balance of power to Congress.”

Rosalyn Baker-Ingham, Owner-Therapist, GR Therapy Group

Emily Elliott, LLMSW

“Justin Amash is a rubberstamp travesty. How do I go about getting a yard sign to show my support? Thanks.”

Scott Melinn, Technical Trainer/Writer

“We need someone who doesn’t just say “NO” Cathy understands the critical need to address early childhood development and education- All people have equal worth and dignity. Over my years as a teacher, I saw the spark children brought to their learning. But, as students progressed through our system, that spark slowly faded. This doesn’t have to happen. All children have the right to learn to their potential, and as Congresswoman I will make that right a reality! In Congress I will affect change at a national level: appropriating funds and passing laws to ensure equitable policies. We know children cannot learn to their potential if they have toxins in their environment. They cannot learn to their potential with poor quality health care, nutrition, and housing. Addressing these factors can set a child on the path to success. Finally- She and I have something in common- we wanted to wear pants in high school! ”

Sharon Killebrew, Shared Blessings CEO & Founder

Holly Florian, Teacher

Rev. Al Heystek, Clergy, Therapist